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  • Chairman - Michael Ward - 648-3098
  • Cindy Cook - 648-5041
  • Mike Lidell - 725-4537
  • Dee Taubar - 222-4093
  • Charlene Daniels - 765-5503

Why might you consider an appeal to the Zoning Board of Appeals?

A person may want to appeal to the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) for three basic reasons.

First, he or she may disagree with a decision the enforcement officer has made or an action he or she has taken.

Second, the appealing party may believe that an exception (variance) to the zoning laws should be made for his or her property.

Third, a clarification of code or Local Law.

Note: Any activity or project within 500 feet of the items identified below requires a 239 review that is conducted by Broome County Department of Planning and Economic Development. This review takes place 30 days prior to the project being presented to the Planning Board or Zoning Board of Appeals provided the submitted package is determined by the county to be complete.

  • boundary of any city, village or town; or 
  • boundary of any existing or proposed county or state park or any other recreation area; or 
  • right-of-way of any existing or proposed county or state parkway, thruway, expressway, road or highway; or 
  • existing or proposed right-of-way of any stream or drainage channel owned by the county or for which the county has established channel lines; or 
  • existing or proposed boundary of any county or state owned land on which a public building or institution is situated; or 
  • boundary of a farm operation located in an agricultural district (unless it is an area variance, then you do not need to submit it for review).

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