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February 10th due March 10th
June 10th due July 10th
October 10th due November 10th
For billing questions please contact Mike @ (607) 648-4800 ext. 115.

January 15th due February 1st
May 15th due June 1st
September 15th due October 1st

Current Rate schedule:
Minimum Bill: $54.00, includes up to 1,000  cu.ft. (approx. 7480 gal.), 
                                                                                             and $2.12 per 100 cu.ft. thereafter

                                      Billing codes that appear on your Bill
                                                               WTR = Your current water charges
                                                               SWR = Your current sewer charges
                                                               WOT = Water Other, water charges not related to your normal bill
                                                               SOT = Sewer Other, Sewer charges not related to your normal bill
                                                               WAR = Water Arrears, water balances that are carried over from the previous cycle
                                                               SAR = Sewer Arrears, sewer balances that are carried over from the previous cycle
                                                               FNL = Final, a final bill posted to the account from a former owner/tenant.

Domestic Water Usage
Each person uses 77 gallons of water on the average day for indoor domestic purposes.  Here are figures describing typical water consumption:
Type of Use Non-Conserving Use Gallons
Toilet flushing   5-7
Washing Hands Tap running 2
Leaking Toilet   24
Shower 5 minutes 25
Bath Full 35
Brush Teeth Tap running 10
Shaving Tap running 20
Dish Washing by hand Tap running 30
Automatic Dishwasher Full cycle 16
Washing machine Full cycle, top level 60
Outdoor Watering per minute 10
(From "Water conservation at Home" - Assemblyman Mel Miller)

water quality click here

The annual Water Quality Report is available by May 31.

Additional copies of the report are also available at the Town Hall.

Rick Pray, Councilman
Greg Starley, Water Operator