Town Courts

New Town Justice Sworn in

The Town of Fenton is pleased to announce that Honorable Ambrose P. Madden has succeeded retired Honorable John E. McEnaney as town justice effective January 1, 2009.  Ambrose, his wife MaryBeth and daughter Kelly reside in Hillcrest and are active in many community organizations.  Judge Madden received his certification in December, 2008 after successfully completing the New York State “Taking the Bench” course offered by the Office of Court Administration. 

The Town Court is off to a very busy first quarter of the year 2009.  We have adjudicated over 137 cases in January, 131 cases in February and 159 cases in March collecting nearly $38,000.00 in fines and surcharges. We recently held a Jury Trial in which six (6) town residents as well as one (1) alternate served as jurors.  While we understand that jury service interrupts your personal and business lives, your privilege to serve the Town of Fenton was greatly appreciated.  I hope that your time spent with us was both interesting and rewarding to you as a citizen.  

We are continuing to update the courtroom and justice office through the Justice Court Assistance Program (JCAP) grant process offered by the NYS Unified Court System.  A new computer, telephone, court seal, bar code scanner as well as two new flags has been awarded by this grant.  We will continually be applying for these grant monies offered yearly to update and assist our staff with increased security. 


On behalf of the Fenton Justice Court, please have a safe and prosperous summer!


Submitted by:                           Hon. Ambrose P. Madden

Maureen A. Roberts – Court Clerk  




Presiding Justice:  Ambrose Madden             Court Clerk:  Maureen A. Roberts

Mailing Address:  44 Park Street, Port Crane, NY 13833


Phone: 607-648-4801 Ext. 1
Fax: 607-648-4366 


From Binghamton/Endicott/Owego area heading east:

Take I-88 E/ NY Route 7N; take Exit 3, left on Route 369 at traffic light, turn right onto Park Street (directly past Lindsey’s Lawn Care).  Town of Fenton is located at the end of Park Street.  Look for Justice Court Entrance.

From Harpursville/Albany area heading west:

Take I-88 W; take Exit 3, turn left on Route 369, pass under underpass and take immediate left on Park Street.

Town of Fenton is located at the end of Park Street.  Look for Justice Court Entrance.


When are the Court Sessions held? 

Court is in session on Thursday commencing at 9:00am.  The first Wednesday of every month is set aside for scheduled pre trials (misdemeanors) and non-jury trials (violations). 

What are your office hours? 

Monday - Friday    8:00am – Noon*

*Office hours are often extended.  You may leave a telephone message at any time.  If no one is in the justice office at the time of your call, you may leave a message and your call will be returned.  Messages are checked on a daily basis.  A locked drop box is located to the left of the justice office.  You may leave a plea or payment.  If you wish to be provided with a receipt, you must leave a self addressed stamped envelope.  The drop box may also be accessed at the outside rear of the building.

How do I file a small claim and how much is the filing fee? 

Small Claims can be filed with the Court Clerk.   The party you are filing against must live, work or have a place of business in the Town of Fenton and receive their mail in the Town of Fenton. You must provide the court with an exact mailing address. Post office boxes are not acceptable.  The maximum amount to claim is $3000.00.  If the amount exceeds $3,000.00 you may file in city court.  For claims up to $1000.00, the filing fee is $10.00.  For claims over $1000.00 the filing fee is $15.00.  It is recommended that you call ahead to make an appointment to file the paperwork.  For more information you may pick up a booklet on small claims at the court office, or you may view the booklet online by clicking on the link below.

Is there an alternative to filing a Small Claim?

Yes.  You can contact ACCORD (A Center for Dispute Resolution, Inc.).  This is a mediator service, which is free.    In Broome County you can call 607-724-5153.  Email at In Tioga County call 607-687-8222. Email at

You may also view the New York State Guide to Small Claims Court by clicking on the link below:


Evictions are heard on Thursday mornings at 9:30am.  The filing fee is $20.00

How do I answer my traffic ticket? 

It is the obligation of the receiving motorist to respond to the ticket.  Upon receiving the charge(s) you must either appear on the date listed on the bottom of the ticket or you may sign the back of the ticket according to the written instructions, indicating your plea of either guilty or not guilty and mail it to the court.   Upon a plea of guilty, a fine and surcharge will be assessed and you will be notified by mail of the amount due.  Upon a plea of not guilty, you will be sent further information on how to proceed.    IF THE CHARGE IS A MISDEMEANOR, YOU MUST APPEAR IN PERSON ON THE DATE AND TIME LISTED AND ENTER YOUR PLEA IN FRONT OF THE JUDGE.  A supporting deposition or more detailed account of the incident may be requested if you did not received one when the ticket(s) were issued.

What if I missed a court date?

Call the court immediately.  You may be subject to a license suspension or a warrant could be issued for your arrest.

How do I contact New York State DMV?

1-800-CALLDMV - available within NY State  


My license is suspended or is going to be suspended.  What do I do?

You must either pay the fine/surcharge due or appear in court.  If your license is suspended, you will be required to pay a Suspension Termination Fee of $35.00 per suspension. The Notice of Suspension from NYS DMV will give further information regarding this fee, or you can go to their website Submit your identified payment as outlined in the next question along with a self-addressed stamped envelope.  Send the Notice of License Suspension Order for endorsement.   Call the court clerk if you do not know the total amount due or for information on scheduling a new court date.

How do I make a payment?

Payments may be made by US Postal Service, in person or by leaving it in the Town of Fenton Court locked drop box.  Cash, money order, or personal checks made payable to the Town of Fenton Court are accepted.  Be sure to include a case number, ticket number, or name for proper posting.  Include a self-addressed stamp envelope with your payment if you desire a receipt.  Credit card payments are also accepted using VISA or Mastercard - Call the court during normal business hours for instructions.

Broome County District Attorney’s Office

If you wish to contact the District Attorney’s Office they may be reached by mail:

Broome County District Attorney’s Office
19 Chenango Street, 7th Floor  
Binghamton, NY 13901

Or by phone:  607-778-2198

Do I need a lawyer to appear in court with me?

Although you are not required to have an attorney it is not recommended that you proceed to trial without the aid of counsel.  

How do I obtain representation by the Public Defender?

Call the Broome County Public Defender’s Office at 607-778-2403 for further questions or to make an appointment for a qualifying interview.  You are required to notify the court of your scheduled appointment. 

What if I missed a court date?

Call the court immediately.  You may be subject to a license suspension or a warrant could be issued for your arrest.